New Video: Love Baby

Love Baby under the bridge. Check out more videos in the Médiathèque

Never Don't Not Album Release!

Our latest rock'n'roll-capitalist, indie-fairtrade protest album "Never Don't Not" is out! It is filled to the brim with beautiful, wild music and shitloads of love. Get your copy or listen to it online!

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What is the news?

  • Praise for The Les Clöchards

  • "(...) Die Besucher in der ausverkauften Bar jeder Vernunft sind längst aus dem Häuschen über die hochmusikalische Frechheit, mit der diese fünf zerlumpten Gestalten im Reservoir der Rockgeschichte wühlen. (...) Diese Rock-'n'-Roll-Landstreicher sind ein Erlebnis. (...) Man sollte sie nicht versäumen." - Berliner Morgenpost -

    "The comedy pidgin English is the best since Sacha Baron's Borat" (...) "The most seemlessly impressive bits of musical comedy of the entire Fringe" - Fest -

    "I don't care how good a time you are having at the Fringe this year, if you haven't been to see these guys you are missing out" - East Coast FM -

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  • 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Editor's Award

  • Photo by Kat Gollock

    The Editors of Three Weeks Magazine Scotland thought we might be worth it and gave us the Three Weeks Editor's Award. Basically it is a picture frame with a photo of us in it and a lot of immaterial honor and glory. Thank you for that!

  • Berlin Calling: Dates 2014 & Interview

  • In Berlin, The Les Clöchards are going to visit The Wall and
    The Bar Jeder Vernunft
    21 – 22 October 13 • 20:00
    22 – 26 January 14 • 20:00
    09 – 10 June 14 • 20:00

    ... And we had an interview (caution! Français!) with Lisa Ducret for Berlin Poche (Français!) ici (PDF).

  • Great New Photopictures

  • Nice place for a shoot-out: Nick Callaghan got us jammin' in our overprized hotel room. See them nice photos here